Guardian 7 Aerial Imaging and Reconstruction LLC

Dallas- Fort Worth TX


All G7 a.i.r. pilots are FAA  part 107 certified and posses in depth experience with aerial platforms and camera systems. 

Your photos and videos will be edited to your specifications, using the latest software , we're not happy until you're happy!


At G7 a.i.r. we have  over 15 years  experience with several top named mapping programs both ground and aerial, we will complete the job to standard and on time, every time.


At G7 a.i.r we have an impeccable safety record with over 100 hundred hours of documented sUAS flight time without single incident.

We are able to take our 32 hour  training and certification program and fit it to  your needs. We will tailor your program to you  based on your business requirements, market trends and all legal guidelines and laws. 

ABOUT G7 a.i.r.



Aerial photography and mapping is now within your reach! In the past only large companies with extensive  portfolios could afford to take photographs and video from above. Now with introduction of small unmanned aerial systems, light weight cameras and 3D mapping software you to can be at the forefront of  this now affordable technology, call us so we discuss how we can help you, help yourself!



G7 a.i.r. is a full service, veteran owned small unmanned Arial systems provider with hundreds of hours sUAS flight time and photogrammetry experience. At G7 a.i.r. we specialize in aerial real estate photography, infrastructure  inspections, aerial forensic mapping  and post disaster assessment.


Taking  Photography to new heights!

Our Services


At G7 a.i.r. we host a full spectrum of DJI aircraft to perform virtually any task needed, combined with our lengthy experience as first responder and  applications such as Adobe Pro, DJI digital editor, Pix4D, I witness Pro and Faro zone G7 a.i.r. can meet your needs!

And rest assured each  of our  flights is insured for up-to a million dollars in liability coverage.

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